This site is dedicated to Minor in Entrepreneurship graduates.  Here shall be a listing of the companies that are setup by graduates that obtained the minor.  To appear in this listing, please provide us with the following info:
  1. Name of the venture
  2. Name of the founder/co-founder that is our graduate
  3. Which year that you took the minor and which batch your graduated from. (if the start the minor with Batch 5 but complete it together with Batch 6, then you are graduate of Batch 6)
  4. Company overview, contact info, brochure, company logo, website screen shoot etc.

Company Name: Citigo
Founders: Tran Nguyen Hao  : General Director
                Nguyen Tien Trung : Sales Director

Graduate: MiE Batch 1, Year 2002 (Nguyan Tien Trung)

Brochure: Click here

Company Overview:

Citigo is a software company, whose focus is brought on helping our customers increase the value of their business with the ultimate customer satisfaction purpose, ensuring that their investments in Internet technology provide the results they expect.

Depending on customer preferences, we offer various services to optimize their business with state of the art Information Technology solutions in a wide range of industries, from Marketing, Recruitment, Finance to Insurance, Real Estate and Travel etc. Strengths of Citigo greatly define the quality and prestige of the custom applications that we develop and deliver. We have skilled developers with excellent expertise embracing many programming skills including the latest and most effective development technologies such as Microsoft.NET, CRM, Java/J2EE and many other constantly updated techniques.

Because of our commitments, customer-centric attitude, we have successfully built up long-term as well as potential relationship with many customers in such strategic markets as Australia, The United States, Singapore, Japan, etc.

Whatever the solution provided and delivery platform may be, our mission always remains the same: effectively take full advantages of the market and fulfill clients’ request to their utmost satisfaction

Company Address:
Citigo Software Co., Ltd
362 Pho Hue, Hanoi , Vietnam

Company Name: Puzzle Hive Pte Ltd
Founder: Royce Cheng : Chief Bee

Graduate: MiE Batch 19, Year 2010 (Royce Cheng)


Company Overview:
Puzzle Hive is a creative company focusing on helping our clients to maximise their marketing spend by combining our insight and expertise to deliver results driven solutions. We offer various services ranging from website design, app development, CRM solution, digital marketing to branding services.

We’d never lock ourselves in the confines of one discipline. That’s why we’ve settled on calling Puzzle Hive a creative company. We create things — experiences, feelings, visions, engagements — and embrace capabilities to make brands greater than they are.

Contact Info:
Phone: +65 6871 8979
Address: 60 Tannery Lane, Singapore 347803