Success is a Journey, not a Destination...
Entrepreneurship is embracing that Journey

The Technopreneurship and Innovation Program is a unique experience for every one of its participants. For a course filled with technical-sounding terms such as "technopreneurship", "innovation", "intellectual property", "venture creation process" etcetera, it was a surprisingly warm, inspiring and nurturing journey - truly extraordinary and unforgettable!

Over 16-weeks, we have each learnt in different ways how we can be entrepreneurial. The course has allowed us the time and space to discover, recognise and understand for ourselves how we can always strive to live and work in an entrepreneurial way. And for those of us who previously did not function well under massive uncertainty, we have developed greater self-confidence to boldly unleash the nascent entrepreneurial spirit that burns inside us.

Many of us have emerged transformed by the TIP journey, and the overall course experience is one that will be firmly etched in each and every one of our minds for years to come. It is with these thoughts in mind that we set out to publish this commemorative booklet to achieve three primary objectives:

  1. Share the journey that TIP alumni have walked through and the benefits of having a formal entrepreneurial education 
  2. Raise awareness among the entrepreneurs in Singapore on the efforts of Nanyang Technopreneurship Center in promoting entrepreneurship through the Technopreneurship and Innovation Program (TIP) 
  3. Motivate like-minded Singaporeans to presevere in their entrepreneurial journey, and provide them an avenue of assistance and support in their journey through TIP and its alumni

As you read on, you will see that we have chosen to use a moving clock to illustrate the passage of time as we embark on our journey. The clock hand moves on as our story progresses, and ultimately when the clock hand reaches the 12 o'clock mark, it does not represent the end of our journey, as you will discover why as you read on... 

The first batch of TIP was a graduate diploma course started in year 2001 and the pioneer batch graduated in 2002.  Upon completion of the course, a group of the graduate feel strongly that this transformational program should be make known to more people and decided to come out with a magazine that document that 16-weeks program.  This project was more difficult that expected as the members in the project team was also busy with their work.  It ended up took more than 18 months to complete and involved content from 2 batch of TIP!  However, the final works bring great pride.  Click on the slide to see enlarged version.

Journey of TIP (Magazine)