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The is my personal lesson blog for me to share ideas with my students and also information that I'm not able to share in class. 

Consultation Session

posted 30 May 2018, 23:34 by Roderick Chia

Batch 47 shall be having 2 consultation sessions, 9th June 2018 and 4th August 2018.

The first session is compulsory and every teams are expected to book a session. For the session on 4th August 2018, teams who still need consultation support can book a session or if the team is requested by the respective instructor would have to do so as well.

In order to make booking easy for everyone, we have implemented appointment booking feature.  You have to login to your gmail account or account to see the calendar below and make booking.  Only ONE member of the group is required to make the booking.  Just share the booked calendar with the rest of your group-mate. If there is a need to change appointment slot with other team, please make private arrangement and the person making the booking has to delete the booking and release the slot for the other team to book.

The consultation would be half hour slot if you need more advice from both of us (Roderick and Adrian). Please make your booking by this Friday, 8th June 2018 at 2200hrs for the 9th June session and Friday, 3rd August 2018 for the 4th August 2018 session. 

The exam should be over for most of you and we are expecting the the project is in the execution phase already. Given that we are expecting a minimum of a blog entry every fortnight, each member of the team should have at least 4 blog entries by now. 

Please be reminded to be on time (best to arrive 15 min earlier to wait for your slotted appointment) for the consultation given that the session will be held back to back.

Appointment Booking

Time to get serious on venture execution

posted 15 May 2018, 00:19 by Roderick Chia

Vacation started and it is time to be serious on venture execution. Below is the comment from the inter-group peer appraisal and the comment highlighted in green is from instructor. Do take those feedback into consideration when executing your venture. Please remember to keep blogging so that I'm aware of your milestone. I expect at least 1 blog entry every 2 weeks.

Peer Appraisal Batch 47 ‎(Comment)‎

Lesson slide

posted 6 Apr 2018, 19:00 by Roderick Chia

Attached are the lesson slides for lesson 1 and 2

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