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Warning! Update regularly

posted 24 Apr 2015, 12:22 by Roderick Chia
I have also highlighted that the minimum requirement for blogging is an update every fortnight. I believe it is not very demanding to expect a short 1 paragraph update every 2 weeks. But disappointed to see simple instruction cannot be executed by aspiring entrepreneurs. If such instruction is too difficult to follow, I doubt there would do well in the venture. Blogging is not only important for grading, it is also a show of responsibility. I need to monitor the progress to ensure that all the teams are going in the right direction and reading the blog is my best source of feedback. If I bother to spend time reading every single blog, I don't see why it is so difficult to do a simple update. 

Some teams is very showing lack to ability to follow simple instruction of setting the blog page using the announcement template so that I can add the RSS feed into my feed reader so that I can monitor all the blog easily via my mobile. 

Please show me that this batch has intelligent, responsible and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

BTW, one of you have yet to even login to the account! This is extremely ridiculous. Better login and starting updating your blog before I start listing the name in the "hall of shame"!