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Lesson Blog

This lesson blog allows the instructors to communicate with the participants of ET9135A. If there are observation or things that we would like to share with but did not have time to mention in the class. 

Some of the info may be generic across different batches. Instead of repeating the info, I suggest that students also read all my previous lesson blog to get an insight of important observation. 

Stay tune and keep in touch.

Second Consultation

posted 20 Jul 2015, 10:38 by Roderick Chia

25 July shall be the second consultation session. 

For this session, I need to meet StickUs, Wagon and Rekt.  However, I also need to meet the following person for reason that they should know well!
  1. Ko Ming Jun from StickUs
  2. Wan Qi, Zi Song & Zhang Gaojin from Wagon
  3. Ankit from KronoSphere
  4. Jack Leong from Rekt
Please book your slot from the calendar as seen in my previous blog. For those that is not compulsory to meet, it would be up to you if you want need consultation. If you think you need advice, please feel free to make booking as well. 

First Consultation

posted 22 May 2015, 22:52 by Roderick Chia

This consultation was the first for all the teams.  Most of the team were not well prepared.  Lots of disappointment that the undergraduates nowaday are not hungry enough. Can I depend on these people to take care of our nation when I'm old age? No! I'll be worried that they run our nation and I am very worried knowing that MiE students are supposed to be most entreprise type yet the quality was not up to our standard. The rest of the students would be worse :-(  

Really hope to see more hunger and progress after today.
  1. Wagon
    1. Hunger - 30%
    2. Progress - 10%
  2. Riverts
    1. Hunger - 35%
    2. Progress - 20%
  3. UniPoly Peer Tutoring
    1. Hunger - 40%
    2. Progress - 30%
  4. Vinyl Liftstyle
    1. Hunger - 40%
    2. Progress - 30%
  5. Cuppies
    1. Hunger - 15%
    2. Progress - 10%
  6. Royal Blu
    1. Hunger - 20%
    2. Progress - 10%
  7. Kronosphere
    1. Hunger - 20%
    2. Progress - 30%

23rd May 2015 - Update of team progress

posted 17 May 2015, 10:31 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 17 May 2015, 10:39 ]

We will be having the Group Consultation this coming Saturday.  In order to make booking easy for everyone, we have implemented appointment booking feature.  You have to login to your gmail account or account to see the calendar below and make booking.  One member in a group make the booking is good enough.  Just share the booked calendar with the rest of your group-mate. 

The consultation would be half hour slot if you need more advice from both of us (Roderick and Adrian). Please make your booking by this Friday, 22nd May 2015 at 2200hrs.

Appointment Booking

Warning! Update regularly

posted 24 Apr 2015, 12:22 by Roderick Chia

I have also highlighted that the minimum requirement for blogging is an update every fortnight. I believe it is not very demanding to expect a short 1 paragraph update every 2 weeks. But disappointed to see simple instruction cannot be executed by aspiring entrepreneurs. If such instruction is too difficult to follow, I doubt there would do well in the venture. Blogging is not only important for grading, it is also a show of responsibility. I need to monitor the progress to ensure that all the teams are going in the right direction and reading the blog is my best source of feedback. If I bother to spend time reading every single blog, I don't see why it is so difficult to do a simple update. 

Some teams is very showing lack to ability to follow simple instruction of setting the blog page using the announcement template so that I can add the RSS feed into my feed reader so that I can monitor all the blog easily via my mobile. 

Please show me that this batch has intelligent, responsible and aspiring entrepreneurs. 

BTW, one of you have yet to even login to the account! This is extremely ridiculous. Better login and starting updating your blog before I start listing the name in the "hall of shame"! 

Business Plan Presentation Feedback

posted 24 Apr 2015, 11:32 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 24 Apr 2015, 11:44 ]

The business plan presentation had completed.  Many teams did not really go straight to the point and address the most critical part of the business.  Going through a plan is the first step towards internalising the business. But nothing beats running the business directly. Business is full of surprises and the more you plan and research, the less surprises you'll encounter.  Below is the comment and suggestion from fellow classmates. The comment highlighted in blue are from me.

Comment: Inter-group Peer Appraisal Batch 38

Business Plan

posted 5 Apr 2015, 09:52 by Roderick Chia

While grading the previous batch, it made me irritated reading long business plan did not did get straight to the point.  Please note that whoever going to read your business plan are usually those that are very busy.  They would not want to run through many pages of business plan trying to find useful information.  What they want is the see you clearly explaining your business model, innovative marketing plan, practical operational plan, feasible financial analysis and exit strategy. While that course requirement for the length of business plan is 15-25 pages, I preferred to read a 15-page very clear and concise business plan than a 25-page of beating around the bush business plan.  Hope that this is a good hint on how you should do your business plan.

Lesson 2

posted 3 Apr 2015, 11:24 by Roderick Chia

Decided to upload the Lesson 2 slide in advance. 

First Lesson

posted 3 Apr 2015, 09:47 by Roderick Chia

This is seems very diligent.  This is the first time I have a class that mostly turn up on time early at 9am. For all the past batches, the first lesson always see lots of late comers. This batch is different and I hope that their good attitude will continue throughout the course.  To be successful in this module, good attitude is definitely a key.  I'm also expecting that this is going to be a very challenging batch for me as there are many groups (7-8 groups expected).  It is a particularly large batch of students. They also don't ready have specially strong festival (X'mas, CNY, Valentine etc.) that encourage consumer purchases, which the previous batches enjoyed.  Good luck.

As promised I attached the slide for the first lesson. 

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