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Course Assessment

To ensure fairness, students are expected to conform to the requirement below. Clear instruction are given in term of date, time and format of submission. Marks WILL be deducted for non-compliance. While this is a group project, individual will be awarded based on individual merit. Deviation comes from individual report as well as peers review.

        Business Plan 50%
The business plan is to be around 15 pages but not to exceed 25 pages (exclusive of NTC's Assignment Submission Declaration Form). A soft copy shall be submitted through a link set up under the ‘Assignment’ folder in edveNTUre and one set of hardcopy report shall be submitted to NTC at NTC Reception.

Deadline: 17th April 2015, 12PM (Friday)

During Lesson #3 (18th April 2015), project teams are also required to make a presentation on the business idea (using blogsite). Do note that the presentation information and business plan details need not be identical. Teams are required to show the viability of the business plan and to address the potential challenges and mitigate risks. Consideration should be given if sensitive information is presented: pay attention to what you present, to whom and how! Peer assessments are taken into consideration together with class participation and level of involvement/performance during team discussions and presentations.

Team Blog & Individual Blog 40%

A team and individual blog has been set up at where you can report (at least once every fortnight) of any activity / development. Please include photos & videos. You can stop whenever you feel you have substantially completed the project. The team will graded base on the frequency of blogging activities with quality and/or meaningful contents.

Please report whether the Business Plan has been implemented, the achievements you have had, the problems you have encountered and what you have done generally. Please provide contact emails and telephone numbers of external parties you are dealing with. Report only on concrete actions you have taken. Every team needs to do a final conclusion in the blog on the results of their projects, ie what was achieved, P&L, feedback from customers etc.

Individual Report 10%

You are required to submit a report about your personal reflection on what you have learned from this venture and entrepreneurship. How does this affect your future plans? Please write in point form and do not exceed 2 pages, 1.5 line spacing. You need to submit soft copy through a link set up under the ‘Assignment’ folder in edveNTUre and one set of hardcopy report to NTC Reception.

Deadline: 11 September 2015 (Friday), 12pm

        Total: 100%