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A total of six lessons will be take place, usually on Saturdays during term time. Please check this website regularly for latest updates.

For Batch 33 & 34
  1. For lessons #1 - #5  will be conducted from 0900-1300 at NTC, Executive Room
  2. The ideal group size is 5 to 6 persons in a group. Each batch should not have more than 8 groups. Please note that we will NOT accept any group that is less than 5 people or more than 8 people.
  3. All lessons are compulsory unless otherwise stated. If you are unable to attend any lesson, please provide notification before hand and also provide supporting documents to NTC.
  4. For all other lessons, the venue will be in  NTC, Executive Room @NTU Yunan Garden Campus
Opening Lesson #0: 12th March 2014 (Sharing Session by MiE Batch 33 & 34)

Lesson #1: 29th March 2014 (Introduction and Sharing of your ideas)
Lesson #2: 5th April 2014 (Blogging and update of your team’s idea)

Submission of Business Plan: 18th April 2014, 12PM

Lesson #3: 19th April 2014 (Business Plan Presentation)
Lesson #4: 7th June 2014 (Update of Team’s Progress)
Lesson #5: 26th July 2014 (Consultation Session)
Lesson #6: 10th September 2014 (Finale Presentation, Sharing Session to MiE Batch 36 & 37)