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Hall of Shame!

posted 7 Nov 2013, 22:01 by Roderick Chia
on 4th November, I send out a note to all titled "Warning - Procrastination Kills". Then, about 20 students had yet to logged into their account. I expected that those that read the email would have informed their group-mates to quickly do so.  I was very disappointed that today, the day before business plan presentation, I still have 6 students not logged in. 

Here's the hall of shame (I've replaced, a with @, i with 1 and o with 0 to prevent it searchable online and protect their identity)
  1. H@n Xun K0w
  2. J1uwe1 Che
  3. Y1 Y@ng T@n
  4. V1n@y @r0r@
  5. V1j@y@r@j Ng Hu1 W00n V1j@y@r@tn@m
  6. M1n Zhen L0h
Most of those in this list also AWOL from 1 lesson in the past. We focus a lot on responsibility as part of the individual continuous assessment, which is why we are so strict in tracking attendance and online activities.