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This lesson blog allows the instructors to communicate with the participants of ET9105A. If there are observation or things that we would like to share with but did not have time to mention in the class. We have good experience with last batch and we hope that new batches can learn from the senior and be better than them. 

Some of the info may be generic across different batches. Instead of repeating the info, I suggest that students also read all my previous lesson blog to get an insight of important observation. 

Stay tune and keep in touch.


posted 26 Sept 2013, 04:08 by Roderick Chia

Finally the course has ended for Batch 32. It was heartening to note that this batch did well. Some surprises me with their performance too. Moving forward, they would have to be back to another reality. That is to exit or continue. Not all would continue but how to allow those that continue take over from those the started with them. Should not active member continue to hold a share while active member continue? For those promises to customers, would they continue to honour them and finish those services even after the course?  Whatever decision made, do keep in mind the reputation past forever and do not make a wrong move that will effect your impression to others. You wouldn't when would the patch crossed again. 

17th Aug Consultation Session

posted 12 Aug 2013, 01:18 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 12 Aug 2013, 02:36 ]

It is time for 2nd consultation already soon.  In order to make booking easy for everyone, I've implemented appointment booking feature in this email.  You have to login to your gmail account or account to see the calendar below and make booking.  One member in a group make the booking is good enough.  Just share the booked calendar with the rest of your group-mate. 

It has been about 3 months since the start of ET9105A.  If I don't see at least 6 blog entries in your blog, I'll have to assume that you are not working enough.  Not wanting to sound nagging, blogging once a fortnight is the MINIMUM requirement and a long blog entry is not good enough to replace few shorter blog entries. Regular blogging shows the momentum of the venture. Achieving milestone at steady pace is better than being lazy for the duration of venture process and do a last minute push to deliver KPI close to the end of the course.  

This coming consultation is optional as all the groups have achieved the minimum expected from the group (this is not true for all individuals).  The consultation would be half hour slot if you need more advice from Adrian and myself. Please make your booking by this Thursday, 15th August 2013.  After Thursday, if there is adjacent free slot, you may book another slot if you need more consultation time.  Delete the event from your calendar will free up the slot.  
Last booking shall be 16th August 2013, Friday, 2200 hrs. 

Appointment Booking

Business Plan Presentation

posted 17 Jun 2013, 10:32 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 17 Jun 2013, 10:36 ]

The business plan presentation is over and here are all the feedback from your follow peers and myself.  Please and reflect upon the feedback. Frankly, the presentation were very draggy. I should have exercise strict control of timing so that students can go straight to the point instead of sharing non-critical issues. 

Google Spreadsheet

Groups discussion

posted 20 May 2013, 11:06 by Roderick Chia

Do visit!forum/et9105-batch32 to discuss issues that you encountered during the module. This is the first time we introduce forum discussion. Not sure how will it turn out. Good to use this resource to get support from each others.


posted 10 May 2013, 11:22 by Roderick Chia

I have always wanted to create an ecosystem among the students that wanted to embrace entrepreneurship as their lifestyle. Yet, I'm mindful that once the course ended, everyone will be busy over their other priorities and might loss touch with the network built during the course. These network would have long implication far beyond the course. Previously, I used the TIPA's Google app account for MiE. The domain has its constrain as it is the domain owned by TIP Alumni Association but administered by me. In order to ensure I can build an ecosystem I need to give everyone under this ecosystem a permanent account that they can have it for life. It will be a bonus if this account comes with an email with a domain that people would like to identify themselves with. After many years of thinking and exploring, I finally have the chance to do it. What I have done is to registered and managed to convince Google that this is an educational account (finally Google allowed education account outside the US). With this I'll be able to give as many email accounts as I like and each comes with the same privilege as paid business account (with 25G of Gmail storage). The domain also can make sure of all the advance tool that is only available for business account that does not enjoy.

Now, my biggest headache is the slowly migrate all the content done under to  It will be very time consuming but I believe that it will be worth it. 

Remarks from students' reflection from Batch 30-31

posted 2 May 2013, 05:18 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 2 May 2013, 05:19 ]

While grading the participants and reading their report and blog, sometime I come across interesting remarks and I'll like to share them here.

  1. "It was said that, " Building a successful business starts with a dream, but without the requisite knowledge and tools, it can turn into a nightmare." (Reese, 2012). It is indeed a blessing opportunity to be enrolled into ET9105 to experience how the real business world works; now with our head full of theoretical knowledge learnt from the previous modules. However, in my opinion, the real nightmare begins when a team of entrepreneurs  starts a business without a dream."
  2. "To summarize, taking Minor in Entrepreneurship is just like taking swimming lessons. For the first 4 weeks (ET9101 - ET9104), we were taught how to swim in classroom. Just like other lessons, exams were given to see how well you have comprehend the techniques (theory) to swim or at the very least to stay afloat. Then finally before you can graduate, you were thrown in the sea and occasionally find some sticks (mentors) for you to hold on so that you will not drown and die."
I'll add more along the way when I see them ;-)

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