Batch 32

Team blog are viewable by public but only editable by team members.  So please share information carefully and diligently. To view the group blog, follow the link on the left navigation. 
The Groups
  1. Edged 
  2. Inspira 
  3. Crème Glacée 
  4. Toivertise
  5. Canary Events
Please refer to the Sample for guidance on how your should customise your project blogging site.
Blogging Rules

It is important to follow the rules strictly as they help to make my life better.  Certain rules are there for a reason and it is for a damn good reason! So before trying to be creative, remember to honour the past, embrace the present before you try to invent the future ;-)

  1. Do not use large logo on the top of the page as it is a waste of real estate that should be used for useful information
  2. Keep the top panel in your blog so that I can have access to the search bar at all time
  3. It is important to minimise number of click to access information therefore use the navigation sidebar wisely
  4. At minimum the following pages must be there and easily accessible via direct click from the navigation menu:
    1. About the business
    2. Milestone and financial projection
    3. Financial Statement (Updated monthly)
    4. Team Blog
    5. Individual Blog
  5. Linking to external sites are strictly for information only and should not be the essential of the blog therefore embedding external site in the blog are discouraged as information of external site may be subjected to change
  6. Embedding flash-based that contains essential blogging contents are not encouraged
  7. Put all confidential and sensitive information in protected Google Docs (share with me and all the team members) and embed it in the site as shared docs not embedded in your site will not be reviewed
  8. Do not create new site with your account or share the access right to the site with external parties
  9. Make sure that the site is viewable by public (please don't change this setting - Anyone in the world may view this site (make it public)
  10. Always use your login account to update
  11. If you forget your password and request for reset, 1 mark will be deducted from your grade for each request
  12. Good to show your feasibility study through survey, however, please make sure that the sample size is clearly indicated in the survey result.
  13. More rules to be added!