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A total of six lessons will be take place, usually on Saturdays during term time. Please check this website regularly for latest updates.

For Batch 30 & 31
  1. For lessons #1 - #5  will be conducted from 0900-1200 at NTC, Executive Room
    1. Roderick's Group - Executive Training Room
    2. Adrian's Group - Freestyle Classroom
  2. The ideal group size is 5 to 6 persons in a group. Each batch should not have more than 8 groups. Please note that we will NOT accept any group that is less than 5 people or more than 8 people.
  3. All lessons are compulsory unless otherwise stated. If you are unable to attend any lesson, please provide notification before hand and also provide supporting documents to NTC.
Opening Lesson #0: 6th September 2012 (Sharing Session by MiE Batch 29)

Session #1: 13th October 2012 - Saturday (Introduction and Sharing of your ideas) - Each instructor handle a class

Session #2: 20th October 2012 - Saturday (Blogging and update of your team’s idea) - Each instructor handle a class


Submission of Business Plan: 9th November 2012, 12PM


Session #3: 10th November 2012 - Saturday (Business Plan Presentation) - Each instructor handle a class

Session #4: 22th December 2012 - Saturday (Update of Team’s Progress) - Both of instructors in the same consultation with each group assigned to a particular session

Session #5: 19th January 2013 - Saturday (Consultation Session)  - Both of instructors in the same consultation with each group assigned to a particular session

Session #6: 21st March 2013  - Friday (Final Presentation) - Might be subject to change