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This lesson blog allows the instructor to communicate with the participants of ET9105A. If there are observation or things that we would like to share with but did not have time to mention in the class. Last batch has been great and the students performed well. I'm looking forward to the same experience or even better. Hope that I'll not be disappointed.

Some of the info may be generic across different batches. Instead of repeating the info, I suggest that students also read all my previous lesson blog to get an insight of important observation. 

Stay tune and keep in touch.

Interesting notes

posted 17 Nov 2012, 10:31 by Roderick Chia

While I was grading the Batch 29 and their individual reports, I come across very interesting observations by some some of the participants. Below is 2 notes that I copy and paste from 2 students that correctly reflect the essence of this course. 
  1. "What I learnt in this EN9105a are intangible things that cannot be learnt in all my years of educations and even EN9101-EN9104. Because the earlier modules were theories or even realistic simulations, what EN9105a out did the rest, was to compel us to start a business of our own, providing experienced mentors and nothing else. Doing nothing else was actually a key to the growth of every single character in our teams because we learnt to create our own rules instead of following." 
  2. "Singapore’s education had probably painted a warped and distorted picture of the need to succeed in our every chance due to the one shot chance to do well for O’level and A’level. But through EN9105a this set of thinking I developed through the 20 odd years of my life have demolished. I know that I will fail a lot of times, but I am no longer afraid of failures." 
I strongly believe that the best lesson can only be learned if one adopt the correct attitude towards the course. The real learning would outweigh the grade that you'll be getting. Those doing well are those that focus on getting the job done and learning the lesson of hard-knock rather that those focusing on grade.  

Inter-group Peer Appraisal

posted 17 Nov 2012, 10:08 by Roderick Chia

The business plan presentations were done and below are the comments from your peers. Please review them and take note of useful comments. Please also quickly start to execute the plan without delay. Time is running very fast and procrastination kills a good idea. A good idea without a good execution is useless. Please also blog regularly so that the instructors are aware of your process and alert you on potential pitfall. The expectation for blogging is at least once a fortnight. For those that has yet to blog by now, you may want to know we expect at least 2 entries from your blog as of the date of this post. Good luck (you need lots of it)!

Inter-group Peer Appraisal Batch 30-31

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