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I cannot believe how time fly! This is the 14th batch that I take and this tool is still as handy as before to help me and the participants communicate. While I'm constantly reading their blog, I'll also post some of my comment here to be share with all of them. Stay tune and keep in touch.

Peer's comment

posted 15 Apr 2012, 09:52 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 17 Nov 2012, 09:32 ]

The business plan presentations were done and below are the comments from your peers. Please review them and take note of useful comments. Please also quickly start to execute the plan without delay. Time is running very fast and procrastination kills a good idea. A good idea without a good execution is useless. Please also blog regularly so that the instructors are aware of your process and alert you on potential pitfall. The expectation for blogging is at least once a fortnight. For those that has yet to blog by now, you may want to know we expect at least 2 entries from your blog as of the date of this post. Good luck (you need lots of it)!

Inter-group Peer Appraisal Batch 29

My reflection

posted 15 Apr 2012, 09:08 by Roderick Chia

I've met the class for 3 lessons already and noticed something about the class. Like many previous classes that I had, the students generally have poor sense of responsibility. Class always cannot start on time because they are always late. Even if they have good reason for being late or absent, they were seldom informed in advance.  As a VC, I'll never invest in a company with entrepreneur that does not have good sense of responsibility. 

I had also notice lots of false confidence! I do think confidence is good but false confidence is deadly. One should be confidence when they have enough experience and also done lots of homework already. But if they haven't done enough research yet simply showing confidence, it would be deadly. Running real business is such a pain and full of pitfall and unforeseen hurdle that one should not take it too lightly.

Despite all the disappointment I have with the class, I must say that this class has more interesting business ideas that previous classes. However, I have to said, "idea is cheap, it is the execution that counts". I hope that they will not take this course too easily. Good idea is only 10% of the success.

Why after studying for so many years, students still cannot follow simple instruction?

posted 13 Apr 2012, 19:41 by Roderick Chia

There is something that is difficult to understand. Students in Minor in Entrepreneurship should be mindful of the importance of being on time. Imagine going for a pitching to a VC and being late! This is precisely what was going on. How would someone late for business plan presentation? Course assessment clearly stated that number of pages requirement but why so many groups simply cannot follow it? Students have poor disciplene :-(  I sit behind during the business plan presentation and witness students playing with apps and visiting irrelevant websites while their peers were presenting, knowing that they are supposed to submit inter-group peer appraisal. Today's lesson was only 60% satifactory. This was very low for MiE......if all of you refuse to wake up, I'll ensure that the ultimate result to reflect accordingly.

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