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Every batches, I'll setup the lesson blog to share my view about the lessons and observation of the the performance of the groups. Some of the info may be generic across different batches. Instead of repeating the info, I suggest that students also read all my previous lesson blog to get an insight of important observation. 

Comments from Business Plan presentation

posted 23 Oct 2011, 11:00 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 23 Oct 2011, 11:09 ]

The business plan presentations were done and below are the comments from your peers. Please review them and take note of useful comments. Please also quickly start to execute the plan without delay. Time is running very fast and procrastination kills a good idea. A good idea without a good execution is useless and ideas are cheap. Please also blog regularly so that the instructors are aware of your process and alert you on potential pitfall. The expectation for blogging is at least once a fortnight. For those that has yet to blog by now, you may want to know we expect at least 2 entries from your blog as of the date of this post. So far, a number of you are already delivering below expectation on this ground. Good luck (you need lots of it)!

Inter-group Peer Appraisal Batch 27-28

Batch 28 - Group numbers

posted 3 Oct 2011, 22:54 by Adrian Chye

Dear all,
Here are the updated designated group numbers.
All of you have been granted access to your specific group numbers as follows:-
Tan Wei Jie Ivan and Team - Group 9
Gan Chong Zhi and Team - Group 10
Aroon Sukumar and Team - Group 11
Bernard Chu Keng Toon and Team - Group 12
Tang Wei Wen Jason and Team - Group 13
Tan Zhiming Jonathan and Team - Group 14
Do Hoang Duy Khiem and Team - Group 15
Tiffany Goh Shi Yun and Team - Group 16
Fiona Lim Peining and Team - Group 17
Kind regards,

Lesson 2

posted 26 Sept 2011, 10:34 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 26 Sept 2011, 10:43 ]

Every year we try to update the slide with updated information and important learning point from teaching previous batch. 

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