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It is now or never.

posted 22 May 2011, 13:01 by Adrian Chye   [ updated 22 May 2011, 13:22 ]
Thanks to the latest posts coming from some of you into my Google Reader, I know that your exams are over. I am also happy to know that many of you are beginning to really kick-start your business operation plan from now. The next 6 to 8 weeks will be very critical to the success of your new venture. More importantly, how far you go (in terms of personal growth) will be determined by your own choices. Remember:-

1) Be very disciplined and work together as a Team to build the business.
2) Be very persistent. With a decent value proposition, it is a just matter of probability. You will find the "one" who will give you a chance, so long as you don't give up.
3) Your instructors will not give you the answers (else it defeats the purpose), but are more than eager to give you opinions/suggestions/feedback so long as you have made good effort to do the ground work. We are just an email/phone call away.

Give your all, and let there be no regrets come 3 September 2011.