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Sense of Urgency

posted 20 Jan 2011, 22:27 by Roderick Chia
I once learned from a friends, who is also my business partner, a quote of wisdom that I always remember.  He learn that during his navy time being the commander of the ship. He said, be a paranoid is peace time and stay clam in war time will ensure you are always ready for war. Yes, while the war is not on, everyone of us must be very paranoid and behave as if war is coming. Work very fast and take care of all possible pitfall so as to address them early. But once war started, a paranoid mind cannot think; you cannot be a "kan cheong spider" not knowing which legs to move forward. If you have already done what needed to be done and be well prepared for adversity, what needed is to stay clam and make decision on the fly. 

However, sad to say, I don't see such attitude in most of the students. I see them very relax and wasted their time during peace time. I don't see much sense of urgency at all. The meeting detail on 22nd has been posted for sometime already yet, a day before the meeting, I see less than 50% actually login to practice using the tool.  What worse is that basic instruction like putting a photo to their profile is also not well followed. Is it so difficult to get people to follow simple instruction? How are the youth of today going to survive in this competitive world with China and India having low cost, hard working and intelligent workforce?  With the rising of those super nation, will our future be optimistic given the poor attitude of our current youth?

Please wake up and don't stay in dream land. There are still lots of work to be done.  You'll enjoy the fruit of success in due time if you put in effort beyond and way above the tolerance level of the men in the street. Not only that, you also need to sustain these energy of at least 10 years. Thomas Alva Edison once quoted, “Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration!”.  In En105A, I need to see "sweat and blood" because that is what needed in the real world out there.  You are fortunate to do it in the comfort of the University setting where towel and bandage are within reach so it is less hard when you fall. Don't waste this opportunity and work hard for your venture.