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posted 21 Nov 2010, 00:17 by Roderick Chia
Many of you already know that this is an assessment module more than a teaching module. The main objective is to assess if students are able to put what they had learned from all the previous modules and put into practice. As such idea provided by instructors and implemented by students would not be credited to the skill of the students. Yet it is hard not to give suggestion when we see students about to fall into a "trap". As such, we decided to have 2 kind of consultation, "free" and "chargeable". Any suggestion provided during official lesson are free.  Anything outside the official lesson are chargeable. Chargeable means that idea from instructors shall not be considered as effort from the students. However, the effort in carrying out the ideas successfully would still be credited to effort of the students. Does it means that students is not supposed to ask the instructors anything outside of the official lessons? No, students can sill ask questions related to the course and the assessment but not on the plan. It is unfair for instructor that is grading you to give private session and guide you on your plan. This does not stop you from seeking advice from anyone else other than your direct instructor.