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Am I allow to start working on my venture idea?

posted 5 Sept 2010, 08:26 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 5 Sept 2010, 09:20 ]

Increasingly, I got requests from students to start working on their business ideas before the start of EN105A.  I frown upon kiasuism but do support enthusiasm. The fact is that not all ideas can be executed in a short 1 semester period and some opportunities also cannot wait for, or are in sync with, our academic calendar. This is the rationale why I'm willing to support what that might seem as kiasuism because it is inline with the spirit of enterprise.  However, it is important to set some rules and expectations for consideration before hand. Though blogging cannot start because accounts would only be given during lesson 2.  However, it is important for those groups to start logging their activities so that once the blogs are ready, the information could be updated accordingly.
  1. Group Size - The course requirement expect the group size to be 3-6 members.   Ideally, odd number group members are better as it is easy to manage opinions due to clear majority. In fact, I prefer 5 in a group because this module is rather intense it will be better to have a bigger group.  It also ensure fewer groups and easier to manage presentation time allocation.  
  2. Business Ideas - There are a number students coming to me with good business ideas or opportunities that require immediate attention hence, early engagement of ideas. I welcome those ideas but always remind them that success of any endeavour rarely depends on idea but rather on execution. There are too many of good ideas, therefore good ideas are given. What I want to see is the strategy of implementing that good idea and the ability to execute that strategy.