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Written Business Plan

posted 9 May 2010, 10:00 by Roderick Chia
According to the course assessment, you are required to submit a written business on 12 May 2010 (12 pm).  No hard copy is required. Just send in soft copy. According to the requirement, the plan should be around 15-25 pages.  While you are allowed to write up to 25 pages, it is informed that the fewer pages that can correctly share your plan the better.  Please put in effort to write to the point and summaries key points instead of presenting lots of information that non-critical to the plan.  Too much of unnecessary information will result in poor grade.  Try to restrict to about 15 pages as much as possible. Background information can be put in Appendix, which will only be referred to when needed.

While I understand that different group members may be assigned to write different part of the plan, it is important that the style of the plan is coherent so easy reading.  Take note that the instructor will have lots of plan to read. So the outstanding one is those that write straight to the point and share all critical information then those that  write a lot and confusing.