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Lesson 5 (Consultation Session)

posted 18 Jul 2010, 07:18 by Roderick Chia
It was a very fulfilling session during the last consultation session.  I notice that many students don't know how to write email properly to ensure a reply.  It is important to note that nobody own you a living.  nobody will reply email to help you when they have so many work at hand to fulfill.  To ensure higher chance of getting reply, one has to let the other party to know how, by helping you, can you make their work easier.  Something it is good to let them know that you are student of EN105 but sometime, just mentioning students of NTU will do.  Other time, you might not even want to mention that you are a current student.

I also notice that many are not creative enough of their sales and marketing.  Many did not even spend enough time understanding their potential customers. How can a business survive if you don't even understand the needs of your customer? To some groups, this consultation might got surprising rewards when Adrian and myself share some of our personal contact with them. Hope that those contact can bring them real benefit.