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Lesson 4 (Progress Update & Online Meeting)

posted 1 Jun 2010, 23:19 by Roderick Chia
    1 month would have been passed when its time for progress update.  I'll expect that there are lots of work being done and things should be moving well and some ups and downs here and there.  As I had mentioned, not being able to find common time for meeting is not an excuse of not having regular meeting and not updating the blog biweekly. 

    In order to get everyone familiar with using IT tool to increase operational efficiency, I have been trying various possible tools.  I was exploring using Google Chat and MSN Messaging.  However, it seems that when conversation involved too many people, it will becomes chaotic.  I have been testing out Google Wave as an early adopter during their alpha testing.  You are now very fortunate only recently that Google finally open Google for your domain.  Which means that I'm able to activate Wave on  So that all of you can login using the id and password that you are suing for the blogging.  To familiar yourself with Google Wave. 

    Get Started with Google Wave

    You may login from or in case you are in China and not able to access this domain, you may try

    Please go in and get yourself familiar with the tool before the meeting. Try out the wave with your group mate first and understand how to use it.  Please make sure that you test the computer that you are using Wave application.  IE might need to install some component before you can use Wave.  If you are using public computer and not allowed to install application, you might want to test out the system first before the actually Wave conference to ensure that things go smooth.

                                    Below is the schedule (12 June 2010, Singapore Time) for the online meeting.  If any group needs to change schedule, make your own private arrangement and update me.  I'll not facilitate the changing of schedule but I'm ok of any changes if it is mutually agreed between groups.
                                    1. SMadS - 0900
                                    2. DECALICS - 0915
                                    3. GroWorks Consulting - 0930
                                    4. 99 Falling Apples - 0945
                                    5. The Campus Fashion - 1000
                                    6. Studstruck - 1015
                                    7. JobSearch - 1030
                                    8. Love Juice - 1045
                                    9. ExperienSing - 1100
                                    10. Adtually Advertising - 1115
                                    11. NinjaExpress - 1130
                                    12. Sports Excellence Group - 1145
                                    13. nineTee˚ - 1300
                                    14. MOLLE ENTERPRISE - 1315
                                    15. TCCS - 1330
                                    16. GreenLight - 1345
                                    17. BuddyS - 1400
                                    While we don't to have everyone online to start the wave discussion, but for this exercise we'll do it with everyone online so that we can have a real-time discussion .  It will start with everyone give a quick update of what you have done and your progress.  Then follow by a discussion addressing any teething issues. I'll be in the discussion for the first 15 min but the discussion can continue.

                                    Someone in the group shall compile a minute for this meeting and update the team blog.