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Combine Lesson for Batch 20-24

posted 24 Sep 2010, 22:59 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 30 Sep 2010, 04:23 ]
Every groups need to present.  It could be a long version or a short version. A long version is 10 min and a short version is 1 min. Not everyone need to be there during present nor presenting.  However, the present of the whole team should indicate a sense of unity within the group. 

For the 10 min presentations, the following groups are being selected. 
  1. SMads
  2. TCF
  3. 99 Falling Apples
  4. Adtually Advertising
  5. NinjaExpress
  6. TCCS
Please note that the selection criteria is based on featuring diversity rather than performance. So it is possible that group presenting for 1 min might get better grading than group presenting for 10 min.  
What we want to see in the presentation?

I know that many will ask therefore let me share these so that you can be well prepared to deliver to our expectation. For EN105A, I adopt the mantra that "The Journey is more important than the destination". Basically, I measure 2 main outcomes:
    1. Progress (What you have achieved?)
    2. Process (How do you go about achieving it?)
So it is simple, just simply tell us the following:
    1. What is your project about?
    2. What is your progress?
    3. What is your challenge and/or pitfall and how they are overcome?
    4. Learning points for next batch of EN105 students