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Lesson 2 Reflection

posted 1 Nov 2009, 00:27 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 1 Nov 2009, 20:58 ]

Other than the standard sharing of business ideas, this lesson was to educate about the rule of blogging.  As this is something that is very important for participants to follow, I put in on the main page of the Batch 18 & 19 Section.

However, that lesson was a very controversial lesson. That lesson was deliberate to highlight the importance of providing detail of their progress in the blog. I highlighted that I have to be very paranoid, assuming that every groups would try to "smoke" me out if they could, in order to get good result. I don't like people trying to over sell to me. I like truthfulness. I like honesty and integrity. As such I have to take whatever info on the blog with a pinch of salt. Participants have to help me to help themselves by providing me with proof of events that happen and financial statement backed up with accountability.