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Comment of Groups Blog

posted 30 Dec 2009, 23:58 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 4 Jan 2010, 02:12 ]
Expectation of individual blog updating..... MINIMUM ONCE a FORTNIGHT!

So many group don't know how to share the confidential document with me correctly. Please refer to note below on how to share a folder with me and please do it as instructed.
  • Close & Class
    • Poor update of blog.  Yee Yong didn't even start the blog!
    • Cannot see much activities for this team.  Project seems to start well but very poor follow through.
    • More effort needed.
  • SCube
    • The project seems to progress ok but individual blog lack updating.  
    • I need to know who do what and when was it done.  Please update accordingly.
    • Expected milestone is not enough. I need to see if it was delivered according to plan or if there is changes in the expected milestone.
  • Kiap!
    • This is a team that started very much earlier but doesn't seems to follow through very well.  No progress and activities for about 2 months.
    • If there are really progress then the updating on the blog clearly didn't reflect that.
  • MechWerkz Solutions
    • The team seems not able to follow through with the plan very well.  Not only that, there was no sign that the team is trying very hard to solve the problem.  
    • Don't seems to have significant activities by team members.
  • The Laprary
    • The seems to progress well but sales don't seems to be up to expectation.  
    • Need more effort in marketing to really push the product.
    • Yishu needs to put more effort on his blog.
  • CandyCreme
    • This team seems to non-sustainable energy!  The blog updated very well at the beginning and suddenly stop for about 2 months. No activities, no progress!
    • Cannot access to the financial info and not sure how your charge your client.
    • Activities progressed well over the holiday.
    • Jay needs to put in more effort on his blog.
  • My'stic
    • Allow me access to you document.  If I cannot see it, I'll assume it is not there.
    • I need to see date whereby the blog is written.  Most of the personal blog don't have date. In fact, all the individual blogs were not well updated or not event written at all (Eugene, you are really in the dark?)!
    • Don't seems to have progress for about 2 months.
  • Adlive!
    • Looking at the blog, I believe that you have good progress.
    • Milestone well updated.
    • Other than Kai Feng, the rest are doing well on their blog updating.
  • metaGenese
    • I suggest that you read the blogging rule carefully.
    • Not only did the website not provide any useful information to help me assess your performance for EN105A, it goes against the rules that I set. The rules are there for a reason.  It is to be followed strictly without compromised.
    • Please note that your project cannot be a solely R&D project and produce a working "proof-of-concept" prototype. Even if the prototype is working, you may still fail the project as it does not conform to the requirement of EN105A. I must be able to establish without doubt that you have gone through substantial entrepreneurial endeavour in your pursuit.   Currently, I'm totally not convinced.
    • Anyway, you have been warned about it and you decided to go ahead and I respect your choice but you must also respect the possible consequence. 
  • Triohapp
    • Milestone well updated and commented when that are changes. Good work on this.
    • Why is Joelyn not updating the blog after the exam.  Does it means that only Mel and Hailing working on TRIOhapp?
    • Looking at the quality of the Triohapp website, I'm worried that the online store will do badly.  It seems that flea market can do better than online, which is not the what this project initially planned for.