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Sharing confidential Document

posted 9 Nov 2009, 20:12 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 1 Feb 2010, 20:25 ]

The will be lots of document that you are not prepared to share publicly but I have to have access to them so that I can conduct my evaluation of the progress.  This is what you should do.  The figure (click to see enlarged version) below helps you to understand the process of doing so. You need to create a shared folder. The name of the shared folder shall be standardise so that I know where it comes from.  The naming convention shall be "Group number - Group Name". Then share your folder with me and NTC.  Make us viewable but no right to edit.  Give your team members the rights to edit. Then click Add without sending invitation (I don't want to receive mountain of email) and OK. Then you can throw all document of En105A into this folder and you can be certain that I can view them.  Please note that I will only refer to files that is directed from the project blog site.