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Preparation for Lesson 3

posted 26 Mar 2009, 21:41 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 27 Mar 2009, 10:13 ]
What to expect in Lesson 3?

In Lesson 3, every groups will be given 15 min to present the idea that they have, followed by 5 min of Q&A (setup time is part of this 20 min). For groups that have yet to confirm what they will be doing, they are supposed to present on a list of what they are trying to explore and the difficulties they face as well as how they intent to overcome them. 

Instead of standard ppt presentation, every group is EXPECTED to use their blog site as a visual tool for the presentation. As such, it is expected that all the blog is updated with the content and the right layout by Lesson 3.  Given that this announcement is 1 week before the lesson, ignorance is not an excuse. In view of tie schedule, the lesson will start right on time and every group shall strictly follow the time allocated.

BTW, please note that it is 1 week after my first lesson and 1 week more to the next lesson, yet only about 50% activated the account and logged in at least once. As far as I'm concern, if by the 2nd lesson, anyone yet to log in, I'll assume that the person has yet to do anything about the project.

Latecomer & Absentee

In order not to be identified as a latecomer, I suggest that you plan to arrive 10 min before the lesson.  Considering that you have only 3 official lessons with me, missing 2 out of 3 lessons shall consider missing the stipulated attendant requirement. This shall have negative impact on the grade irregardless if there is a valid reason for missing lesson.

  • How do I embed Flash files (.swf) into my blog?
Technically, you cannot embed anything that Flash file into the web page via normal edit tool provided by Google Site. However, there is nothing in Google Site that prevent uploading of any kind of files. If you create the page as a File Cabinet, you can certainly upload flash file. But how then can you get it to display in the blog site since Google site does not support embed and script? This is where you need to innovate-between-2-boxes. Note that Google Site support google gadget (under Insert-> More...). As there are many developer developing for google gadget, you may try to find if there is a gadget called Flash Player! If there is, then "bingo", you have a solution. View and see what I tried as an example ;-)
  • If there are discussion that our team does not wish to share with the public yet have to keep instructor in the loop of the discussion blog, how can we do it?
Create a Google Document and make the document viewable by the instructors and editable by the rest of the team members.  However, a summary of the discussion need to be presented in the blog as a shared content for education and presentation purpose.