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Lesson 2

posted 22 Mar 2009, 06:13 by Roderick Chia   [ updated 26 Mar 2009, 21:40 ]
A Good First Lesson

My first official lesson to students of EN105 has been rewarding because both the classes ask enough questions so that I was able to set my expectation very clear in order not to have students coming to me telling me that they are unaware of the objective of the course.  Below is the slide for those that missed the class and for those that want to review again.  Anyway, the slide did not tell much as the content are all being shared verbally and the slide contained just pointers.

Google Presentation

In this lesson I mentioned about the unique strength of Google unknown to many.  To have better understanding of the edge of Google, I suggest the book "The Google Legacy".  It highlighted many insights into an innovative company. 

Below is a video taken from "A Beautiful Mind" explaining the concept of governing dynamic in a layman point of view. This theory is the foundation of games theory and highlight the importance of collaborative thinking. Unfortunately, just noticed that this video cannot be embed by request so for those interested, visit YouTube directly to view this video.

A Beautiful Mind - Bar Sence

In the lesson I also shared about Blue Ocean Strategy and I recommend those who wanted to learn more to refer to the official site for information.  


Before the morning class started (since a number of them were late and class is delayed), we briefly discussed about current affair with special focus on money politic.  In the class I highlight the important of understanding what money is. Yet this very complicated subject has great impact to entrepreneur that really understand it.  I'll like to shared this video below that I strongly recommended for those who like to know more.  

Enjoy and hope that you have fun understanding money!

Money as Debt

Social Entrepreneurship

I'm happy to know that there are groups looking into social entrepreneurship, however, I need to highlight whichever group proposing social enterprise is mindful that it is not merely clarity. While that maybe different definition of social entrepreneurship as this phrase has been greatly abused, in this course I'm inclined to follow the view as set by Ashoka founder, Bill Drayton.  His view of social enterprise has a more sustainable greatness as such, I'm of the same view.  Below is his address to employee of Google.

"Social Entrepreneurship" - Ashoka's Bill Drayton speaks at Google