Technopreneurship & Innovation Program Association (TIPA)

TIPA is an alumni association formed by graduate of TIP with the following mission and core values.

Mission Statement
  • To establish TIPA as the most influential entrepreneurship-focused alumni organization in Asia Pacific while maintaining close bonds of friendship and support amongst members.
Core Values
  • To be passionate in our beliefs, innovative in our thinking and outstanding in our character.
  • To maintain integrity and professionalism in our work, ventures and relationships.
  • To actively support and encourage the personal, professional and entrepreneurial pursuits of fellow members of the Alumni.
  • To foster, promote and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit among Singaporeans.

Participants and alumni of G.Dip (TIP), M.Sc(TIP) as well as Entrepreneurship Minor are welcomed to be member of TIPA. Take a look at TIPA Photo Gallery to learn more about us.

Get connected to us
LinkedIn's mission is to help you be more effective in your work and open doors to opportunities using the professional relationships you already have. TIPA shares this view and promotes the use of LinkedIn as the official professional social networking tool for our Alumni.  Join us in the TIPA Group of LinkedIn by clicking on the logo below.